Well, after 20 years and 1000 episodes BluesBeat will be parting ways with the Community Radio Network (CRN) in Australia. But never fear, I am continuing on and BluesBeat will continue to be heard on Mixcloud and other independent terrestrial stations that I already distribute it to. This will give me more flexibility in that there will be no fixed deadline and will allow me to some extent to upload an episode when it’s ready. I am also looking at the episode length, up to now it has had to be 60 minutes 55 seconds. I will probably change it to 59 minutes to better fit other users programming. May also mean I mix some older material with new releases. The last new program to be heard on CRN will go to air Sunday 16th April, and then there will be two repeats, finishing up on 30th April 2023. If you want to keep listening, would love you to join up over at Mixcloud and listen there, or via their App. Thank you to any listeners I have had on CRN over the years. I welcome any feedback you may have (either here or via info@bluesbeatradio.com ) and look forward to seeing you on Mixcloud cheers, Geoff

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